Bacon + Brews (18+)

What can be better than bacon and brews? Stroll with us as we taste some of downtown's best suds, paired with unforgettable, loveable bacon appies! Remember this tour requires a certain maturity to participate, and by that we mean you just have to be 18+.

Taste of Canada Food Tour Image

beverly's Best

Explore the culture, ethnicity, and foods that define all those who came to Canada and made it a more adventurous place. During this tour, you’ll feast on treats from a wide variety of cultures and make stops at local restaurants, food stores, and ethnic bakeries.

Locally Inspired Desserts

From Filipino & Asian fusion soft serve to the world's rarest chocolate, this tour will get your blood sugar boiling. This Saturday of desserts will have you drooling over locally made desserts in downtown Edmonton. This tour is for all, unless you can't do dairy and nuts.

Edmonton's Best Brunch

The perfect way to start a Sunday: brunch! And the best part is, you get to skip the line. But seriously, we'll visit downtown's favourite eateries, see the sights, and meet the locals who make the area tick! We welcome the young, the old, and the young at heart on this "eatventure."