Meet Town Square Brewing


Town Square Brewing is a community based, local craft brewery that specializes in rotating beers, with a small kitchen that focuses on artisanal style pizzas and light fare. While a relatively new eatery to South Edmonton, they have already been fortunate to receive impressive accolades for their craft brews, winning Silver in the Amber Beer Category with their Pond Surfer California Common  and Bronze in the Sour Beer Category with their Beets by Sinden at the 2018 Alberta Beer Awards.

 With a passion for craft beer, the three owners - Brandon Boutin, Tyler McNaughton and Sterling Nordin - along with their wives and families, had long talked about one day opening a business together. Brandon’s decision to leave the oil industry, along with the recognition that the craft beer market was still relatively untapped after a 2014 change to the brewery laws had made it possible for small brewers to operate, were catalysts in the trio deciding that the time was right for the establishment of Town Square Brewing. 

All three with families, Brandon, Tyler and Sterling had experienced the challenge of trying to enjoy the craft beer and local food scene in Edmonton with most of the eateries and breweries being mainly located within the less family accessible Edmonton core. With this in mind, they located Town Square Brewing close to home in South Edmonton, with the goal of creating a place where people could enjoy craft beer and delicious artisanal food in a family friendly location, all while remaining within their own community. 

Aiming to be truly community based, Town Square Brewing not only provides a gathering space within the neighborhood, they also have a business model based around community. They source as many ingredients as they can locally, with food ingredients coming from places such as Range Road Garden Farms and malt for beer coming from Alberta Based Red Shed Malting in Red Deer County. As well, Town Square Brewing chooses to give back to the community by supporting local charities with portions of the proceeds of their Charity Tap and Charity Pizza going to local Edmonton charities such as The Stollery, Boyle Street and the Edmonton Women’s Shelter.

Another unique way that Town Square Brewing supports community is by helping to reduce food waste. After the craft beer is brewed on site, the spent grain is then ground and re-used to make everything from their dough for pretzels, bread and pizza crust. As well, they season and re-toast the malt used to make their beer and serve as a bar snack. Any leftover spent grain is then donated to farmers who are able to use as feed for cows and pigs.

If you are headed to Town Square Brewing for one of their signature pizza’s, Brett has a few suggestions for you. If you are in the mood for something most akin to a normal pizza - go for the lamb topped “Greeked Out”, reminiscent of a pepperoni pesto pizza. If you are in the mood for something new and exciting, try the popular Chicken and Waffle Pizza, with fried waffle, chicken bites and a maple sriracha aioli.

With award winning locally made craft beer, and excellent pizza and light fare, Town Square Brewing is a great stop when you are in south Edmonton.