We’re Epicurean Adventure Tours.
but our friends call us EAT, and that’s what we do best.

We’re the kinds of people who, whenever we go somewhere, love to experience everything the locals do — especially the cuisine. We believe in eating locally, supporting small businesses, and adding a heaping helping of excitement to every meal.

Through Epicurean Adventure Tours, we’re helping Edmonton earn a well-deserved reputation as a place where people from around the world can enjoy amazing food. Want to experience our city like the locals do? Take a walking tour of Edmonton’s must-eat gems or join us for a daring “eatventure” you (and your stomach) won’t forget.


Who's the face behind the food?


Bryanna Kumpula

 Ideas. Entrepreneurship. Sheep. These are all things that Bryanna loves, along with planning dream weddings, creating jaw-droppingly amazing floral displays, and volunteering for half a dozen community organizations. Bryanna earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the U of A and is getting certified in Executive Leadership in the Non-Profit Sector at MacEwan. When she’s not on a food tour, she can be found enjoying a cup of coffee and cuddling her dog Rupert.